Opening and Closing

Opening and closing

All children are expected to be in school by 8:55 to begin classes at 9.  The school day ends at 3:05

For further details review this letter and the post dated June 24 showing bus routes for this year.

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Kindergarten Parents

An email will be sent to kindergarten parents by August 26 or they can check the website about the first week of school.

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Bus Routes 2016-2017

Parents / Guardians,
Please use the following links (see below) to check out your child’s bus route and nearest bus stop for the 2016-17 school year. Note: There may be some changes to your child’s bus route for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

You will find a copy of the bus routes for Holy Trinity Elementary School, as currently designed, with identified bus stops. This information will also be available from the school’s profile page on the School District website, by September 1, 2016.

Please note that bus routes are subject to change at any time, and pick-up/drop-off times are approximate. Please visit the website regularly to check for any changes to the bus routes.

“Maps will show bus stops nearest your residence”

Bus 1  Torbay Rd, Karon Drive, Evenings Path

Bus 2  Torbay Rd, Santa Maria Dr, Browns’ Lane, Windgap Rd

Bus 3 Bauline Line

Bus 4  Skippers Landing, Western Island Pond & Ansteys Cove Lane

Bus 5 Marine Drive, Reddy Dr., Bullocktown Rd

Bus 6  Indian Meal Line, Flora Drive, Peter’s Pl

Bus 7  Edgewater Lane, Woodfines lane, Gosses & Rodgers Cres

Bus 8 Country Drive – Patricks Path

Bus 9  Rattling Brook , Forest River

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Please Read

Hot Breakfast press link for larger image



This is the schedule for the students to know when they are eating.  A big thank you to the volunteers who will help us!

Time                 Grade(s)
9:05                  Morning Kindergarten Grade 4 Keating helping
9:25                   1-2
9:45                   3-4
10:05                 5-6
1:00                  afternoon kindergarten

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End of Year Notes

June Memo

Hard to believe that summer holidays are just around the corner!!! Upcoming dates to remember:

June 16th – Kindergarten celebration (AM & PM)

June 16th & 17th – The Great Book Swap (Bring a book to swap for another) June 16th – Last day to view student art work

June 17th – Last day for school lunch program (Bring a packed recess and lunch all next week) Please return walk-a-thon sponsor sheet

All week – Please have a look in lost and found for lost items. Things will be sent to Goodwill after school ends.

June 21st – Walk-a-thon celebration assembly/prize awards

June 22nd – School wide big breakfast for all students * Breakfast program ends this Friday June 17th

June 22nd – Grade 6 leaving ceremony June 23rd – School Closing Assembly

June 23rd – Last day kindergarten schedule is: AM students come in at regular time and are dismissed at 10:35. PM students come in for 11:15 AM and will be dismissed with the regular students at 1 O’clock PM (Same schedule as Christmas)

June 23 – Last day of school for students. Students will be dismissed at 1 O’clock pm. Students will receive report cards today!

View our website and follow us on twitter @HTEK6 for summer memos on updates

Have a safe and happy summer from Staff @ HTE!

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