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Cash For Christmas Fundraiser Memo

Cash for Christmas Draw 2018

Date: November 15, 2018

From: Holy Trinity Elementary School Council

Re: Fall School Fundraiser

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s):

We invite you to participate in our Holy Trinity Elementary School fundraiser, Cash for Christmas Draw 2018. This will be a ticket sale with a total prize package of $6000 (1St Prize $3000; 2nd Prize $2000; & 3rd $1000). The goal is to raise monies to support the implementation of our School Development Plan particularly to maintain our technology,  provide safe & caring school presentations / programs, and develop our outdoor play and work areas.

On November 19, 2018, we will be sending home 10 books of tickets (total 30 tickets) to each child.  Each ticket should have only one seller’s name. More tickets are available upon request.     

Given the young age of primary / elementary children, we suggest that they not go door–to–door to sell tickets. Rather, we recommend that students sell tickets through relatives and friends.

Tickets Sale Details

Winner’s Prize: 1St Prize: $3000, 2nd Prize $2000, & 3rd $1000.

Ticket Price: $2 each or 3 for $5.

Return Tickets: All monies, ticket stubs, and all unsold tickets must be returned to the school by December 3, 2018

Draw Date / Location: The draw will be on Dec 6, 2018 at the Holy Trinity Elementary School Christmas Concert.  

Student Prizes: To recognize our student’s valuable contribution, all participating students will have the opportunity to win the following prizes:

  1. The seller of each winning ticket: Wins $100.
  2. Top selling class per grade level: Wins Class Activity Surprise Box (Value: $100 each).
  3. Early Bird Student Incentive Prize for Students returning any sold ticket(s) by November 29, 2018.    
  4. One participating student from each class will win a $25 gift card from the “Gift Card Tree.”

We thank all parents / guardians and students for participating in this important fundraiser to benefit our school community.  


HTE School Council  


IMPORTANT: If you do not wish to participate in the HTE Cash for Christmas, please email Rodney Mitchell, Assistant Principal ( In the email, include your child’s name and homeroom teacher’s name.  

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Important Notes

We encourage children to wear black or Red tomorrow.  

Dates to remember:

November 9  Fall Break No School 

November 13 Remembrance Day holiday No School

November 26th Report Cards going home.  OTIS opens at 4 pm

November 29 early dismissal for Parent teacher interviews

November 30 Professional Development for Teachers No School



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Important Reminder NO SCHOOL OCTOBER 30th 2018

An important reminder to all parents/caregivers

There is no school tomorrow October 30th.  Teachers will be attending Professional Development.  Enjoy your day off!

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Important Halloween Reminders

A few friendly reminders for our upcoming Halloween class party during the PM SESSION ONLY (i.e., after lunch) of Wednesday., October 31.  

  • Costumes for all HTE students are to be worn after lunch.   
  • With such severe allergies in our school, NO HOMEMADE treats can be brought in for classes as a “group set” of treats.
  • If you wish to send in “group treats”  it MUST be clearly labeled as “peanut free”, or, a non-food item. (for eg, Halloween pencils, stickers, etc)
  • Students may bring their own small snack for the afternoon session (i.e., treat & drink).  

School Wide HTE Halloween Reminders!

  1. Please refrain from using scented/colored hairsprays due to both staff & student allergies.
  2. Please refrain from wearing FULL FACIAL masks (i.e., that would cover child’s entire face) due to some younger children’s feelings and our school latex allergies.
  3. Please do not bring ANY type of toy weapons (i.e., guns, knives, swords, etc).
  4. Make up is ONLY to be worn if a parent/guardian picks up a child for lunch & takes them home to put on the make-up.  Due to our large student population, students cannot be going into the washroom during lunch hour to administer make-up.  In addition, teachers on lunch duty are solely responsible for student safety and will not be able to assist with children’s make- up.  Save the make-up for your fun trick-or-treating night!

Thank you, HTE  Staff

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This is an important message for parents/caregivers of children travelling on the Grey Bus and Green Bus:

Effective Wednesday morning October 24, 2018 these bus routes will change significantly. Please review the bus route (see below) your child will be taking and the pick up  / drop off times.

  • Children may be riding a different bus.

  • This will impact pick up and drop off times as well.

  • No other bus routes are effected

  Bus memo Oct 24 2018 PDF Updated (1)

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Coats For Kids


We support Coats for kids! Drop of coats by October 17th at the main office.  We thank you for your support.

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