Kinderstart today Feb 4

There will be no kindergarten classes today Feb 4th as there is a kinderstart session.

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Project Kindness

Holy Trinity Elementary’s

Project  Kindness in support of the Northeast Avalon Food Bank


Project Kindness Food Drive

We are looking for  donations of non- perishable food items to assist individuals and families in need.

Items needed include:

Pasta (canned or dry) and pasta sauces Canned goods (beans, soups, and stews) Canned vegetables and fruit

Canned meats and fish

Cereal and oatmeal

Thank you for your support!

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The lost and found in our school has been placed on tables outside the gym January 28-30.  Children have been through the items.  If you are at the school or are able to drop by please take a moment to see if there are any misplaced items belong to your family.

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School Opening Delayed by 2 hours January 10, 2019

School has a delayed opening of 2 hours.  Buses will begin runs exactly  2 hours later than the normal time in the am.   So, if your pick up  was 8:25 now it will be 10:25.


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Family Literacy Day

Dear Families,

Family Literacy Day® is a national awareness initiative created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999 and held annually on January 27 to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family.

As a school, we are going to recognize this celebration on Friday January 25th, 2019. On this day, students are encouraged to represent their favourite book at school. Some suggested representations are:

● Come to school dressed as your favourite book character.

● Bring your favourite book to school.

● Draw a picture representing your favourite book.

If students wish they can represent a book they have checked out from our School Library !

Thank you for your support in encouraging literacy, -HTE Staff

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Recycling Challenge Winner!

As part of the Town’s Waste Management Education initiatives from the Town of Torbay students at our school drew a picture about recycling. The winning student (Kai Davis) received a gift card from Axion. Our School Learning Commons received an iPad for the school to use.

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Happy New Year!



Happy New Year

School reopens Monday!

There will be Breakfast program and school lunch!

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