School Delayed see details in post

2 hour delay. No morning kindergarten classes. Everything moves ahead 2 hours classes start 10:55. Doors open at 10:35

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STEM: Teachers in Action Project

STEM: Teachers in Action Projectstem

The Grade 4 French Immersion classrooms (Mme. Nixon & Mme. Bull-Kelly), at Holy Trinity Elementary, are involved in an exciting Provincial Development Program entitled Teachers in Action. This project is an initiative of the Faculty of Education and supported through a contribution from Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd.


· There are weekly S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) sessions that give students the opportunity to engage in rich, authentic design tasks.
· Students’ are motivated and engaged in a problem-based approach to learning.
· Activities involve predicting, designing, observing and reflecting.
· Students are encouraged to plan, communicate, collaborate and problem solve with their peers in small grouping arrangements.

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Having completed the Internal and External School Review, the data from parents, teachers and students, recommends that the School Administration:

  1. Continue to review and communicate dismissal procedures to ensure safety and efficiency.
  2. Continue to reinforce the use of waiting areas during dismissal.

Likewise, the above recommendations were noted by the External Review Team which consisted of seven members of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, and were not staff from Holy Trinity Elementary School. This team reviewed survey data, completed interviews, and observed our daily routines, including morning and dismissal procedures.

Given we can never be too safe, we ask everyone to consistently follow our school policies and procedures for pick-up and drop off. As well, it is extremely important to always drive slowly on school grounds, be alert to buses entering the parking lot and keep all bus lanes open (as noted by parking lot signs).

Morning Drop off Routines

There are three lanes in front of Holy Trinity Elementary School:

Lane 1 (Closest to the school): This lane is for bus and emergency parking.

Lane 2 (Middle lane / Student drop-off lane): Parents dropping off students must use the middle lane. Parents are asked to:

  • Drop students at the upper crosswalk by the main entrance, which is supervised by a School Administrator.
  • Let your child out on the school side of the car, if at all possible.
  • Ensure your child uses the crosswalk and does not walk between cars.
  • Never use the inside lane, closest to the school, to pass cars dropping off children.
  • Wait behind a car until the child has safely crossed the crosswalk.

Lane 3 (Lane closest to the parking lot):  This lane is a thoroughfare for vehicles only. At no times, should anyone park in either lane in front to the school. With many children entering and exiting the building, this action increases the chances of an accident.

Afternoon Parking Pick up Routines

Parents / Guardians picking children up should note the following:

Elementary students:

  • Parents / guardians should park in the designated parking lot and walk to the main entrance to pick up their children or loop the parking lot to pick up their children at the crosswalk.
  • Even when you are walking with your child, use the crosswalk at the main entrance, which is supervised by a School Administrator. This will teach your child safety routines they should follow at all times. Short cuts between busses and cars are unsafe.

Primary students:

  • Doors will unlock at 2:50pm for student pick up.
  • Parents / guardians are to wait in the cafeteria to pick up children.
  • Hallways need to remain empty and clear as teachers and students walk by. Student interviews and surveys told us that they tend to feel unsafe and intimidated by adults lining the hallways as they walk through.
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World Hemophilia Day


If possible wear red on Monday April 17th to recognize World Hemophilia Day

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